Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday in NYC

New York City has fabulous public spaces and amazing architecture. Wednesday we headed out to see Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library and anything else interesting along the way.
This place is like a city unto itself! There's a whole food court one level down.

From Grand Central we walked a few blocks to the Chrysler building and went into the lobby. You needed to go through security to access the elevators (and probably have business on upper floors) we just enjoyed the lobby...which was smaller than I would have expected.

Mural on the ceiling of the lobby.

From the Chrysler Building we retraced our steps to the library (which wasn't open when we first went by). This building was amazing
and huge!

Once inside, I suggested to AB that maybe she should look up the person she was researching for National History Day to see if the east coast had any resources she couldn't locate on the west coast. So, she looked on the computer and sure enough, there was a book written by Jessie Benton Fremont that AB hadn't been able to find in Seattle. So we approached the librarian and he directed us to another room to apply for an access card (a card needed access the research libraries). Once we had access card in hand, we proceeded to the Genealogy and American History room. Here we gave a slip of paper indicating the book she was looking for and her table location to the librarian and they told us to take a seat and they would bring the book to AB. A few minutes later, a nice gentleman gave AB a book in a protective cover. Once she unwrapped it, we noticed the binding had the date '1865' on it...this was one old book! So AB read for a while, I played with my phone and the boys decided to find some thing more interesting to do.

Okay, so it wasn't that fascinating to some of our party.

So the boys went the aircraft carrier, the Intrepid. Best known by us as the place Nicholas Cage jumped off of in "National Treasure". I'm sure it has other historical significance too but I don't know it as I was back at the library, shopping in Macy's and a yarn store and walking in the pouring rain with my daughter! The boys had a great time too! Sometimes you just have to split up!

Later that evening we saw the Alfred Hitchcock story, "The 39 Steps". This show was hilarious with only 4 actors playing all the roles. It had super sound, lighting and other effects and we laughed a lot! I always like when I can laugh at Alfred Hitchcock!

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