Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday in NYC

Can you guess where we are? Yeah, besides standing in the rain!

We're looking in the windows at the Today Show. While on a sunny day, you would have to get up really early and stand in line with many others to get here, no one was very interested on a wet morning like this! We only stayed a few minutes as there isn't much to see except the hosts under bright lights off in the distance. But the kids thought it was 'cool' so I'm glad we dropped by.

We were on our way here - The Museum of Natural History, where everyone goes when it rains!

Once again we decided to split up and check in every hour or so. Here AB and I discuss our plan of attack or maybe it was something she saw.

EB with a meteor. The story of just getting this into the museum was pretty amazing. GB & EB quizzed a docent and he said when he was a little boy it was in a different part of the museum but they built a special space for it. Ask GB for the whole story about this.

And there were lots of dinosaurs too!

Dinner was at Carnegie Deli - pastrami and corned beef all around - yum!

The last show we saw was "Chicago" and it, like the others, was fabulous. The unique thing about this production was the orchestra was on stage the whole time and EB thought this was just great!

Heading home tomorrow!

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You don't really have a husband do you?