Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Jittery Twittering Knitter

Okay, I got my iPhone about a month ago and I can't seem to set it down!

In addition to letting me check my email on the run (both home and work and even the school one I monitor for Parent Organizer postings when it's my turn), take phone calls, check the weather, take a photo, record a song at a band performance, look up stuff on Ravelry, see which library books are due, add to my 'want to read' list, listen to books or podcasts or *gasp* even music, find a restaurant, calculate a tip, read a magazine (Kindle application) and I discover new things every day BUT lately, I've become very fond of, okay, addicted to Twitter.

Do I need more interests or things to do/check? No, but this form of social media seems to have me hooked. I seem to know things before my husband reads them in the paper or we see them on TV. I communicate with people with similar interests (knitting, travel, reading, cooking, local info, Shibas, my kids' friends, and the list goes on.) I can't explain it and I'm certain I won't be able to continue to follow the 150+ people I have to date but every day I find someone else who is interesting and can communicate in 140 characters or less!

So, for now, I continue to charge my iPhone every day and turn it on when I have a spare moment to catch up on the world. Yes, the knitting has slowed to a crawl but the family is still fed...wait....! I just saw that I could update my blog using my mobile device...I'm off to figure that out! See the problem...

So, in addition to calling me a 'jitteryknitter' you can officially label me Geek Mom!


SueLo said...

You continue to amaze me, and I have a hunch you'll continue to amaze me for a long time. You do get some sleep once in awhile, don't you?? Am I going to get a finder's fee for introducing you to Twitter????

me said...

you are cracking me up!!!!!! Absolute & complete!!!!!