Friday, December 26, 2008

A White Birthday! A White Christmas! A White New Year?

We were all excited a week ago when it snowed on my birthday (Dec 18), closing schools and making for a wonderful winter scene.
But then it kept snowing and soon we had A LOT of snow(and as I sit writing this, there is more coming down.)

Grandma and Grandpa make it safely here from California between storms. They had a slippery drive up but made it in one piece and with smiles on their faces.

So we've been snowed in for several days but it's been a wonderful Christmas with a little less of the hustle and bustle (several gifts are still not here because of lack of delivery vehicles making it to our neighborhood.) But who knows? Maybe 2009 will start out white too!

Hope you and yours are safe and warm and enjoying Mother Nature!

Compare the tabletops!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And the day comes...

When your daughter tells you she's been invited to the Winter Ball!

It starts with the 'asking' - which these days is much more creative than when I was in high school. Instead of merely inquiring if AB would like to go to the dance, our thoughtful guy (a friend of AB's from school and drama) spelled out her name in Post-It notes on one of the school's white boards (the Post-Its were significant because of the play AB had been the director for - see earlier blog post of Nov 20). He then wrote a small note asking her to the dance, including a check box for YES and NO!

Well, she checked YES and then the hunt began for a dress, shoes and finally, a boutonniere for the lucky guy! While my parents were visiting, we found a strapless dress and while it looked beautiful, I felt it needed a shawl. So I decided to knit a week...out of KidSilk Haze and Baby Alpaca Grande! I found some of the yarn in my stash but I had to send my folks out for more (thanks, Grandma!) I think it came out pretty well and it did keep AB (somewhat) warm.

They had a great time with dinner at TGI Friday's and snow falling to finish off the magical evening!

Cookie Baking!

My folks visited a few weeks ago and we had fun shopping, cooking and just visiting. AB and Grandma had fun making cookies for the school's "Taste of ICS". Here they are making Greek Holiday Cookies.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Beast is a Beaut...!

And it's done!!! The best four-letter words in knitting!!

After 8 colors, lots of black yarn and many hours by many hands (thank you beastie friends!), the Beast is complete and handed off! What started as a gift for my oldest nephew for his college graduation became a legacy unto itself. In fact, all the nephews kept asking how they get one and I said they had to graduate from college!

But if I ever say, "I'm just gonna use up my acrylic scraps" - someone slap me, please! On the other hand, my husband has asked for an afghan (he's already graduated from college!) but you can bet if I start another one it will be in something luscious and not acrylic!

Look - I'm still smiling!