Saturday, April 11, 2009

Farewell to NYC

On our last day in NYC we slept in a bit, packed our luggage, went hunting for a good NY bagel for breakfast and headed to the Guggenheim Museum.

This was an incredible building and the easiest museum yet to manuever; we went to the top and simply walked down the spiral, viewing the exhibits as we went.

These books (or pieces of books) travelled down the rails along the edge of the museum (see picture above) and landed with a 'thump' in this pile. It was a very interesting, kinesthetic art display.

I think EB must have liked this one so we have a photo of it.

Trying to decide on a lunch spot...I think we had pizza.

We walked around a bit more then headed to the airport via taxi.

Two extra hours in the Newark airport as we didn't know our flight was delayed.
Newark sunset

Well, thanks for travelling with us. This was an amazing trip and one we will always remember.

Now, where to next year...?

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