Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday in NYC

Yes, you're right!

This was the day we went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We got up early and rode the subway all the way to the end of Manhattan to get in line for tickets for the boat as well as those that allow you to go to the top of the statue. GB had read that if you go too late, they run out of tickets and then you can only admire the statue from the park below. We had no trouble getting tickets and made it over on the second boat of the morning. The view was spectacular and the weather beautiful.

Once we made it through a second security screening, we encountered a wonderful National Park employee who was very friendly and took this photo of us.

The viewing platform at the base of the statue is still quite a hike of stairs up but once up there, you get a very unique view of the statue, including inside the structure.

This was in the museum leading up to the statue stairs.

Inside the lady...

Once we were done on Liberty Island (when AB pulled out her book), we made our way back to the boat for the short cruise over to Ellis Island. After disembarking here, we ate lunch outside in the sunshine and then investigated the place where so many immigrated to the U.S. We did look up my maiden name in the computer but we didn't find any matches.

Finally, everyone's brains were full of facts so we took the boat back to the city.

After a snack of hot nuts and a popsicle from a street vendor in the park, we headed to Wall Street (it was 5 pm-ish and the natives were trying to make their way to the trains and home - all with crazy tourists in their way!), the World Trade Center Memorial (which they are still building; the visitor center was closing for the day so we didn't see too much there.) and Trinity Church (where they filmed "National Treasure". It had a very cool cemetary and AB pointed out that the some of the dates were very old!)

New York Stock Exchange building

We hadn't seen the Brooklyn Bridge except from afar so we walked to Seaport and GB took some photos of the bridge. Finally, after a day of walking, we headed to the subway and back to our hotel.
For dinner, GB & I ventured out and found a little deli in Times Square with great meatball subs. We brought them back to our starving children and we all feasted in our room.
More tomorrow!


SueLo said...

I've read your blog, so now I can go to bed. You have no idea how much I'm enjoying your trip and how grateful I am that you're posting the highlights of each day. Can't wait to see where the GALEB gang goes next!!

Kara said...

This is great. Love the photo of the kids in front of the statue. We didn't want to pay to go into the statue of liberty when I was there so now I feel like I've been there! You'll have so much fun now when you see all these things in movies and TV and know you've been there.