Sunday, April 5, 2009

New York City...A Retrospective

Okay, I struggled with how to capture all the activity and fun we had in New York so here's my plan...we'll see if I can actually do it!

Every day this week, I'll add a 'Where were we last week?' post. Hopefully, GB will keep feeding me photos by the day (we took over 800!) and this will work.

Friday, Mar 27 - We left Seattle around 3 pm and boarded a plane for Newark, New Jersey. As usual, the flight was late and we arrived around 1 am on the East Coast. By the time we found the right airport shuttle and made it to our nearby airport hotel, it was nearly 2 am and we were all exhausted but eager to get to sleep and get to the CITY in the morning!

Saturday, Mar 28 - We were up and headed to breakfast by 9:45 as they stopped serving it at 10 am. We hurriedly ate what we thought was a 'free' hotel breakfast only to find out it ran $15 per person...quite a lot for cereal, muffins and juice! Welcome to New...wait, this is still New Jersey!

After packing up and arranging for a taxi into New York, we made it to our next hotel near Greenwich Village and stored our luggage.

(We were on the third floor of the building on the end - Washington Park Hotel.)

We then headed to the subway (uptown!) and after buying metro cards and figuring out which way is 'up', we were headed to Rockefeller Center. Here we wandered around and bought tickets for the NBC tour for the next day (they were sold out for Saturday.)

Since the weather was good, we decided we should go up the Empire State Building so we hopped another subway train and got in line for the tallest building in NYC. The view was great and really helped us get oriented.

We finished the day with pizza in our hotel room. Our feet needed the rest!

AB twittering (tweeting?) at the top!

Sunday, Mar 29 - Today we headed to MOMA (or the Museum of Modern Art or as EB describes it, one room after another of weird stuff!) Needless to say, AB loved it as she's had some art history and recognized many things in the museum. EB had fun with the building itself, taking photos from different vantage points while wandering around looking at the weird stuff!

After the museum we grabbed some lunch and took our NBC tour. The kids were thrilled to see the Nightly News and Saturday Night Live sets. We would have pictures but you had to check your firearms and swear you'd take no photos during the tour!

We finished the day near our hotel at a used/new bookstore - Strand - that advertised 18 Miles of Books - we all poked around and found a few treasures. We then went for burgers at a place called "Stand"...don't worry they let us sit. Heading back to our hotel we got caught in a fantastic thunderstorm!

That was the weekend...more tomorrow!


SueLo said...

I love that you're continuing to share your NYC week with us! You excel at packing a lot into each day; I can see that already. Thank you!!

me said...

Sounds like a great start to your vacation (once getting out of Newark - we were stuck there on both ends of our trip too!)What is the name of the pretty pointed topped New York building shown from your pic from Empire State building?

Lisa said...

ME - that's the Chrysler Building.