Monday, March 16, 2009

13...Not so unlucky!

Number thirteen on asphalt

Friday the 13th - Well, the day started with emotions running high. This was the National History Day Regionals and AB was again participating. She was very nervous and it was a good thing she headed off with the neighbors and all her props in the early morning. :)

Her presentation was on Jessie Benton Fremont, an inspiration from Grandma B, who had done lots of research on this amazing lady for recent historical talks she gave in California. AB had worked EXTREMELY hard on her entry and was very ready to have the whole thing over with!

About 9 am, I met AB at the Shoreline Community Center and set up the videotape for those not present (Grandma, Dad, etc.) It went great; she was asked some very tough questions by the judges and in the end, AB took 2nd place in the Senior Division Individual Performance category! She is now headed to the state finals in April!

Saturday the 14th - Our baby boy turned 13! We had a great day with the whole family. He loved all his gifts and meals together! He had a friend over to work on a school project which involved a video camera, an xbox and an amplifier! Needless to say, they had a good, loud time!

We ended the day with a soccer game and Abby's team singing 'Happy Birthday' to her brother at Dairy Queen! Hope your weekend was great too!