Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beauty and the Geek

Oh, the joys of high school!

And more specifically, the SCHOOL DANCE. This dance is called Tolo and I think it is similar to our Sadie Hawkins' dances we had when were growing up but this generation seems to take everything up a notch. The theme this year, "Beauty and the Geek", leaves behind the overalls and cowboy hats of our past but they have kept the tradition where the girls ask the boys.

A few weeks ago AB's stories from school were full of giggling girls, clueless boys, helpful teachers (who assisted by sending certain boys out of the classroom at opportune moments, etc.)...all the girls with the ultimate task of asking someone to the big dance!

AB's method of asking? She wrote a sonnet!

Here are her words, along with Shakespeare's, in an email she sent to me:

Hola, Madre!
For all your embarrassing mom uses, here is my sonnet:

A heavier task could not have been imposed
Than I to speak my griefs unspeakable
Yet, that my words will now my heart expose(d).
I hope to earn a prize forever keepable,
A keepable beauty from Syracuse,
(Where is Syracuse anyway; is it Greek?)
But whatever, for this sonnet my muse,
I ask them to find their inner geek
And join me February 27th, at a gathering of the social sort.
Will you, Matthew, go to Tolo with this drama nerd?
I apologize for the rambling on the literary part,
But fourteen lines of iambic pentameter are damn hard to rhyme...
And since the fact is I have no beau,
Will you go to Tolo, dear Dromio, yes or no?

The first two lines are the beginning of my monologue in the play, Matthew's part in the play is Dromio of Syracuse and I kinda gave up on the iambic pentameter at about line 4...


Needless to say, he said yes and arrangements were made. Dresses and plaid clothing were purchased, socks and sandals found and excitement rose for the big night. The plan was for the girls to dress at our house and then it was my privilege to pick up "the dates" and drive all these beautiful geeks to the restaurant for dinner and then on to the dance. Along the way they took photos, recited many digits of pi and then some, really...they was quite an experience...they are very fun kids!

Here are some photos that parents take of the evening:

AB and LZ dressed for a night out! Don't you love the plaid sweater that her mother found in a consignment shop! :)

LZ and NM with the corsage photo.

The "dates" - no, those are smiles not grimaces!

Goofy girls!

The whole geeky group!

These are photos the kids would post:
The star recently returning from rehab...?

In the car hijinks!

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SuesNews said...

Who's that with Glen? It can't be Ms. B, mother of AB and EB!
Curious minds need to know. Loved seeing the kids enjoying the evening. And AB's sonnet? Too clever for words...hey, a pun!