Thursday, February 12, 2009

Academic Games?

Just when I think my kids couldn't surprise me anymore, my son tells me that he's signed up to participate in Academic Games with his school against other schools in the area! SO last Saturday we went down to the school district building and were introduced to this fun event.

Basically, the kids are on their school teams and answer questions ranging from literature to math to science to popular culture...there were many questions I didn't know the answer to! They have buzzers and shot clocks and it is similar to a sporting event. The game is broken up into 4 quarters with different participation of team members in each round. EB was on the presentation team (as of yet he has not seen the first two quarters of the game.) The judges give the presentation team a question/issue and they go out of the room and prepare a convincing presentation, complete with poster boards, etc. From what EB told me they couldn't get adult help or use the internet and knowing this, the presentations were pretty good.

His team lost both their games but they are really still learning how to play the game (waiting to be called on, recognized and not blurting out answers is a biggie!) The last game was against a team that went on to nationals last year and they were good!

Anyway, they have another event on Feb 28 so wish 'em luck! And I'll try to get some pictures too!

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