Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Knitting Wrap Up

(This one's for you, Trish!) I have a good friend and very organized knitter who is has counted up her 2008 knitting projects and is casting on, or at least planning her 2009 accomplishments.

Me? I'm not so....well...on top of it...but here are a few pics of my recent (finish 'em and wrap 'em up!) holiday gifts.

Plans for 2009? Go wherever my knitting muse pushes me!

Socks for Grandpa!

Orange hat for my son from his Christmas list.

No photos - but I also made a scarf for the band teacher, a hat for an advisory teacher, a hat for a co-worker, a red hat and scarf for the piano teacher and a blue twisted rib hat for my husband (who says it's itchy! Bah!)

She is actually not wearing anything I knit but I thought this was just a good picture to embarrass her with, I couldn't resist!

AB the jogger! Love ya!

1 comment:

me said...

I love this post!!! Wow, and even a dedication of sorts!!!! I feel so loved and blessed to have such a great knitting muse as my friend!
The socks are awesome - are they the "on your toes" yarn?
the orange hat "Wow" it is perfect and he is twinkling about it! Another perfect direction from the knitting muse...
As for the itchy hat...I'm not sure I would knit him a blanket just yet :)
Love the jogging AB - are you sure you didn't knit that hat?
Happy New Year!!!!