Monday, December 1, 2008

The Beast is a Beaut...!

And it's done!!! The best four-letter words in knitting!!

After 8 colors, lots of black yarn and many hours by many hands (thank you beastie friends!), the Beast is complete and handed off! What started as a gift for my oldest nephew for his college graduation became a legacy unto itself. In fact, all the nephews kept asking how they get one and I said they had to graduate from college!

But if I ever say, "I'm just gonna use up my acrylic scraps" - someone slap me, please! On the other hand, my husband has asked for an afghan (he's already graduated from college!) but you can bet if I start another one it will be in something luscious and not acrylic!

Look - I'm still smiling!

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me said...

YAHOOOOOO!!!!! WHOOOO WHOOOOO!!!! YIPPEEE YIPPEEEE!!!! Wowie Zowie Whoop ~ ti ~ doo!!!! I am SO EXCITED that The Beast is DONE DONE DONE - Officially - Completely - Whaaaa Hoooooo!!! Congratulations on a BIG EFFORT!! and A GREAT FINISH!! (now we can have a sage burning in your stash to free it from acrylic fumes & bad ju ju...)